I'm a composer and sound designer, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I write music for games, TV, commercials, movies, shows, theater, theme-parks - basically anything that uses music as part of a narrative.

Having played piano and composed from an early age, I got into computers in my teens and was part of the Amiga Scene as a composer. Later I spent time playing in pop/rock bands, writing songs and producing electronic music.

In recent times, I've had several years of private composer studies, in order to get a strong theoretic foundation for doing orchestral film score styles.



My specialty is symphonic, orchestral music, and doing work in specific genres or from specific time periods. Weird and wonderful genre-mashups are fun as well. Anything goes, really.

I have a passion for strong melodic elements, and I strive to always write something that is memorable, without being annoying, but if evocative, minimal soundscapes are the best fit, I'm totally on board with that.

Besides orchestral music, I'm well versed in producing electronic music and play a handful of different instruments, so no matter what kind of music your project requires, I can probably help you. 

Sound design

Having the composer do all the sound for a game helps get a perfectly tuned, uniform and harmonic soundscape. I've had the pleasure of doing sound design for 20+ productions, in some instances including game engine integration.